The ART of Framing

Do you have art or photos lying around because framing feels like a giant, expensive, complex project?  Trust me….you are soooo not alone!

We often buy art that we get excited about in the moment as we’re traveling, attending festivals or at gallery shows. When we get home and realize that it won’t fit into a standard size frame off the shelf, it usually goes in a pile somewhere of things to do or under a bed until we can figure out a plan.  And there it sits…..sad, unframed, and hidden from the world.  Sniff, sniff!

A silly, yet realistic, depiction right?.  

I can’t even tell you how many clients will pull things out during home meetings that they almost forgot they had…amazing treasures hidden under beds or rolled in closets.

Enough is enough….let’s get that art up on your walls!!

Local Frame Shops…

The perfect place to start if you have something original and/or special that you need to make sure is properly preserved.  

  • Using a smaller framer normally ensures that you’re working with a professional who will know how to protect your investment.  They’ll ask a lot of questions about your installation site and advise you accordingly.
  • It can cost a bit more, but the hands on guidance will be worth it.

Chain Store Custom Frames

Ideal for convenience when you need to get the job done!

  • These stores have great deals and it’s worth waiting on them because framing can really add up.  Get on their email lists for the coupons/codes and be ready when they hit.  
  • The employees certainly have the training to do a great job, but they’re not usually “career” framers and might not be keen to some of the nuances that smaller shops would consider


Taking convenience to the next level.  Click, click, click….and done!  Great if you have a good sense of what you’re looking for!

  • The quality is awesome, but the molding selection is not as expansive as a shop.  This is likely so that they’re able to maintain their great pricing.
  • Keeping artwork safe during shipping can be tricky and cumbersome.  Framebridge takes all the guesswork out for you and has a service where they actually send you the packing materials.  Genius!

Get creative

By far my favorite way to frame prints, photos,

  • Look for trays, plaques, or float frames to accommodate more uniquely sized pieces and show off beautiful rough edges
  • Pick up some prefab Ikea type frames can be jazzed up a bit to compliment your art and style.  Because of the low price tag, you can get creative with painting or adding complimentary accents
  • Keep in mind with pre-fab frames….the matting doesn’t always have to match the size of your art exactly.  You can simply mount it on top of the mat if that’s the case.  If it needs some pop, mount it to a decorative piece of paper or fabric.  

The thing is…there are no set rules when it comes to expressing your personal style through home decor.  Creativity is yours for the taking.

Peek under those beds and see what you can do!

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