A stylish and warmly decorated home is always a work in progress. Our tastes change, our experiences change, our priorities change.

I get that !


The Style Shift $287.00
2.5-hour whole home overview

Ready for a whole-house style shift, but have no idea where to even begin? In the span of one short morning or afternoon, we’ll go through your whole home together, and I’ll give you a general overview of decor ideas and solution suggestions for your most pressing problem areas.

Our meeting will be followed up with an emailed style guide full of my personalized ideas for how to maximize your space and express your specific story and aesthetic.


The Edit $87.00 - 1 hour

Let's re-visit this in a month or so for a 1-hour review of your progress and further suggestions for what’s next.

The Deep $287.00
2.5-hour consult for 1 room in your home

Are you plagued by an extra room that you just can’t figure out the right purpose for? Or are you realizing your main living area is outdated and doesn’t reflect you or your style at all? Let’s dig deep into one room and how to make it as liveable and energized as possible. I’ll give you specific decor ideas and solutions for this particular space followed up by a fully personalized emailed style guide.

The Edit $87.00 - 1 hour

Let's re-visit this in a month or so for a 1-hour review of your progress and further suggestions for what’s next.

The Move $347.00
Two 1.5-hour consultations

Have you found the perfect place to buy or rent, but need guidance on the best way to incorporate your existing furnishings and decor into the space? Does the chaos of moving always seem to end up with your furniture and wall art thrown haphazardly into whatever configuration landed first? Or have you stayed put but remodeled or rearranged everything in a new way?? In two short visits, I can help you find the ideal relationship between your new floor plan and your existing lifestyle so you can relax into your new life quickly and stress-free.

Our first visit will address the placement of existing furniture, artwork, and decor.
Our second visit (approximately 2 weeks later) will focus on where we need to fill in so your new place feels like it was custom-made for you. This meeting will be followed up with an emailed style guide full of my personalized suggestions.

The Survey at Six $87.00 - 1 hour

Need some accountability help?? I get it!!

You know yourself...right? Sometimes simply knowing that you have a deadline to get serious on your progress makes all the difference.

Book now and we can meet again in six months to ensure you've implemented some of the decor goals we set, fill in more gaps, problem solve, or simply strategize about new decor needs that have surfaced.

The Stuff $167.00 1.5-hour consultation

Most of us are confident of what we like, even if our surroundings don’t quite show it. Have you collected the perfect pieces over a decade’s worth of travel adventures? Or perhaps you are dedicated to amassing original works whenever you spy something that catches your eye. Do you have a hard time getting rid of things...thinking maybe you’ll use them in some way again? Let me help you organize and utilize your existing art and decor in a way that showcases your style by culling, rearranging, and rethinking your collection. We’ll use what works and store/purge what doesn’t.

The Pieces Pricing based per individual project.

Make any space into an expression of your story, using works of art that truly speak to who you are, custom-sourced by me. Whether you have a single under-utilized corner that needs more personality, or your entire home requires an artwork overhaul, no area is too large or small.

Services can include finding, framing, and installing artwork in your home.

I have never been good at decorating, coordinating and creating a visually beautiful, personal space. I tend to just put things together that I think will look good and have meaning to me, but my rooms and décor never really flowed. I decided to consult with Rebecca and it has completely changed the way I decorate and feel about my home. It now tells MY story and the life I have built with my husband. Everything looks amazing. The colors and themes flow from room to room too. It isn’t disjointed at all, which is how I felt about it before.

There are no more “dead spots” that just kind of were overlooked. I thought I wanted a certain look based on what I would see in Magazines, but Rebecca allowed me to uncover a style I like, not copy someone else's. Everything is personal now and I absolutely LOVE it.

Laurie and Tom Magliaro


The Inspiration Coming Soon...

A monthly styling guide that helps you think outside of the box and elevate your home styling.


The Refresh $167.00

Virtual decor and artwork solutions for one room in your home.

Don’t live in Southern California? I would still love to help you surround yourself with art and personal expression! After you fill out a questionnaire, we’ll schedule a 20-minute virtual meeting and walkthrough of your space. I will email you customized suggestions for how to better tell your story and bring more of your life and style into one room in your house.

Adore Your Walls


Have you been neglecting those big beautiful walls? Let's ADORE them!! As an Art Stylist for Adore Your Walls, I can help you find and source the perfect selections to compliment your space. Hop on over and choose the package that's right for you!